6 Axle Lowloader Semi Trailer with 120-150 tons capacity,turning axles


JUPITER Semi Trailer produce different kind of 6 Axle Lowbed Semitrailer which have capacity to carry big generators, construction machines, yachts and other big and heavy loads. Lowbed 6 Axles can carry different loads with using different axles and also we can use telescopic extendable chassis which allow us to have a very long area to load. JUPITER Semi Trailer offers different specifications for 6 Axles Low bed models with multiple range of specifications.


• FUWA, BPW or Certificated China Axles
• Self Steering or hydraulic steering axles
• Hydraulic or Pneumatic Ramp
• 6 Axles Lowbed Trailer, 6 Axle Extender Low Loader, 6 Axle Low Loader, 6 Axle Lowbed Semi Trailers
• High Quality Steel usage
• Air or Mechanical or Tandem or Hydraulic Suspension
• Extension From 3 meters Up To 6 meters
• Dimensions as Per the Buyer Request

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